Living in a world where people replace their personal technology at a rapid pace has its benefits. Sometimes it is a defect that makes them get rid of the phone but more often than not, smartphone companies are successful in luring people into buying their latest flagship devices through cunning and glamorous marketing. They appeal to our fear of missing out to convince us to buy a new phone even when the one we’ve is getting the job done just fine.

Why Buy Used iPhones

This consumer behavior has created a market of used phones since most of the devices that get sold off are barely used and have many years of service left in them. Apple releases new iPhones every year that has given birth to an industry of recycled iPhones. Being premium devices, iPhones are manufactured with high quality materials under strict QA guidance yielding durable hardware. That’s why buying a used iPhone isn’t only a reasonable proposition but can have many benefits.

used white iphone 5s with headphones

Premium Quality

Since Apple is in a business of making premium products, it doesn’t cut corners when it comes to manufacturing materials, quality assurance, and other aspects of production. When you buy used iPhone, you get unmatched quality, durability, and reliability of a smartphone backed by the most valuable company in the world.

Buy Used iPhone Online at Affordable Prices

Being premium devices, iPhones can cost a lot of money if bought brand new. Buying a used iPhone often means you get a 30%-60% cut in price depending on the condition and age of the phone. You can buy used iPhone online as well. Nunutz sells recycled iPhone that have been checked for defects to ensure quality.

Software Updates


Apple’s software support usually lasts 3-4 years, for example, iPhone 6 was released in 2014 but still receives updates. Buying a used iPhone often means you will not miss out on new features of the latest operating system as your used iPhone will keep receiving updates for 12-24 months.

Contribution to the Recycling Industry


We use too many electronics and at this pace, our planet can’t sustain the consumption of so many devices. That’s why recycling is one of the crucial industries that doesn’t only need to survive but has to progress at a rapid rate if we are to save our planet. When you buy used iPhone, you become a contributor of this noble industry that’s striving to limit the use of planetary resources while keeping the amount of emissions of greenhouse gases to the minimum.

At Nunutz, you can buy used iPhone of your choice in fantastic condition to enjoy all of the above benefits. We ensure you get the most premium quality that as good as new.

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