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Buy a Used iPhone X to Protect the Future whilst you Hold it in your Hand

Buy a Used iPhone X to Protect the Future whilst you Hold it in your Hand

If all the media and fan hype about the iPhone X has caught your attention, but you’re not sure if you’re ready to or even if it’s worth dishing out an awful lot of money for the phone, then worry no more! We are here to let you know what’s new and what’s cool about the iPhone X, and what’s more, with Nunutz’s Grade A refurbished iPhones, you can buy a used iPhone X at a cheaper price whilst still receiving the same product at the same quality. The iPhone X is the tenth iPhone released by Apple, and commemorates the day ten years ago when Steve Jobs unveiled the very first iPhone – and who could have known has rapidly the series would progress? From 3.5” screens to 5.5” screens, and two megapixel cameras to 16 megapixel cameras, there’s no denying that iPhone has progressively become bigger and better – and the iPhone X is no exception to that rule.

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Apple hails this phone as a nod to the future of technology and a sign of what’s to come, and if that is really so, then the future of the iPhone is incredibly exciting. In Apple’s own words “Our vision has always been to create an iPhone that is entirely screen. One so immersive the device itself disappears into the experience. And so intelligent it can respond to a tap, your voice, and even a glance. With iPhone X, that vision is now a reality. Say hello to the future“. Sources report that developers began work on elements of the iPhone X as soon as 2012, meaning it was around five years in the making. Rumours flew around in 2016 and 2017 thanks to leaks, until eventually Apple unveiled the iPhone to the public. Its starting price is an eye-watering $999 – not loose change by any means, and what’s more, the price is even higher in international markets due to fees and taxes. If you are looking to buy a used iPhone X to save on costs, then here’s what you can expect from your latest snazzy handset.

The Rundown

The iPhone X has a plethora of features, including but not limited to: an OLED screen (never before seen on an iPhone), wireless charging and Face ID in place of the fingerprint scanner known as Touch ID. The home button was also removed to truly revamp the traditional iPhone design. The TrueDepth camera also tracks and mirrors your face for the use of Animojis such as pandas and robots. Portrait Lighting in Portrait mode makes your photos look like they were shot in a studio, and improved camera specs means you have up to 10x optical zoom for photos and 6x for videos. The bezel (the body that surrounds the screen) is also all but gone, and due to the aforementioned lack of home button the iPhone must be navigated using some nifty gestures. The speakers, though it’s no surprise, have also been beefed up with louder and higher-quality audio, making for some pleasant listening even without headphones.

The body of the iPhone consists of a more robust stainless steel and a sleek and modern glass casing, and Apple has said it is 1P67 water and dust resistant. As for the hardware, the iPhone X houses an A11 Bionic chip as seen in the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, which is 25% faster than the previous A10 Fusion processor and boasts a stunning capacity of 600 billion operations per second. When you buy a used iPhone X, you will have a choice of the two colourways: space grey and silver – less variety than there was for previous iPhones. There is a possibility of a gold iPhone X though it is not yet near completion.

Bye Bye Button

Apple has decided to take the iPhone X in a new direction by omitting the home button. Now, instead of relying on the home button for its various functions you’ll have to get acquainted with certain gestures to switch from app to app and juggle tasks on your iPhone X. Tap the screen or use the side buttons to wake the device, swipe to go back to home, and some other specific gestures that may take a day or two to master but will inevitably become second nature. In all honesty, you’re not very likely to miss the home button because Apple have done a good job of replacing it intuitively.

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Notch or No Notch?

Another of the notable features the iPhone X has would definitely be the notch. It has been discussed widely and sometimes criticised, but regardless of what you think about it there is no denying it is a very bold move on Apple’s part. The notch is crucial if the iPhone X is to have its other defining features, like the TrueDepth camera. When the phone is held vertically, or in portrait, the notch is not an issue and some may even say it is a flattering design element. However, horizontally, the notch can interfere with the display when you’re trying to watch a video or a movie in full screen, which was a major annoyance for some users but not too much of a problem for others. Some apps hadn’t updated to adapt to the iPhone X and so left black bars on the display, reminiscent of older iPhones, which defeated the purpose of splurging out on a new iPhone X. However, that issue has for the most part been resolved, as the vast majority of apps have caught on and brought out updates for iPhone X users.

Stunning Screen

The iPhone X is also a trailblazer in terms of its new screen – a 5.8 inch colour-accurate OLED. This is the first time Apple has opted for an OLED screen, and you can see why, with impressive colour depth and a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio. You can watch movies in HDR10 and Dolby Digital formats, whilst enjoying a premium display with rich colours. The iPhone X also has TrueTone, a feature that adapts the screen’s white balance when sensors sense a shift in ambient lighting in your surroundings – pretty nifty, right? However, OLED screens are notorious for leaving a lasting residue on your screen known as “burn-in”. Apple has admitted that their OLEDS are not immune to this issue, but that they had modified the OLED panels to ensure this would be less of a problem than it may be for competitors, by making adjustments to colours at a microscopic level. This means that’s consuming media like videos and films as well as gaming will be immensely enjoyable experiences due to the stunning screen, however keep in mind that gaming in particular will take a heavy toll and drain the iPhone X’s battery quickly.

Futuristic Face ID

Apple has also introduced its highly-touted Face ID, as the replacement for its old finger-print scanning Touch ID verification system. It’s housed in that notch at the top of phone, and takes up a surprisingly minimal amount of space considering how powerful and impressive its function is. That being said, Apple have ensured that it is easy for users to set up and navigate, and claim that it is more secure than using Touch ID. Two modules “Romeo” and “Juliet” work in unison – with the former sending infrared dots to your face and the latter using this information to create a model. This is then used to confirm that the person trying to get into your phone is indeed you and not anyone else.

Of course, Face ID is a clever piece of tech and will adapt to changes in your appearance, whether long-term or short-term, and work even in low-lighting or if you’re in a rush when your face may not be as legible. As long as you show your eyes, nose and mouth, you’re good to go. Not only that, but Apple promises that as time goes on and you log in using Face ID more and more times, it will only begin to work even better and faster. And don’t worry, other people can’t hold up your phone to your face to log in, you need to actually be looking at the phone, not elsewhere, for it to work. Not only this, but you can in settings find the option that only enables Face ID to work when your eyes are open rather than closed, to prevent a sleuthing person taking advantage of Face ID if you happen to be asleep.

The same tech that enables Face ID is also used for Apple’s quirky Animoji feature. In Messages, you’ll can send your friend a fun and unique message as an Animoji, which they can view even if they don’t have the iPhone X. Whilst Animoji is certainly a pleasant little feature, you may or may not find that you forget about it after the novelty wears off, and then you may use it only once in a while when you’re bored!

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Luxurious Looks

Now: onto the looks. The iPhone X’s exterior has been crafted out of sleek and stylish materials, giving the handset a very premium and expensive look which users have enjoyed. Instead of aluminium, Apple have used stainless steel, along with glass for a chic look. Of course, glass being glass, it is rather fragile, which is rightfully a concern for users and prospective buyers. Although the glass is meant to be durable, it is still prone to shattering and breaking, especially if dropped from a tall height or with great force.

Users have reported that if the iPhone X is left without a case it can endure some minor scuffing around the edges, which may be a concern for some but not for others. It is certainly advisable to invest in a good quality case for your phone, even though it does mask some of the phone’s elegance and style. You can also opt for Apple Care to insure any accidents that may happen (especially if you have been known to drop phones in the past), considering that replacements and fixes can be quite costly. Be mindful of the fact that you might get some grease and prints on your phone if you don’t wipe down the body once in a while.

Perfect Portraits

The iPhone X has dual 12 MP rear cameras designed to give you better quality photos in poor lighting as well as a new ISP (Image Signal Processor) to truly make your photos pop. It also comes equipped with a fancy new TrueDepth camera. At seven megapixels, it isn’t the highest spec on the market, but special features and tweaks from Apple mean you can take some of the best selfies on the market. Portrait Mode helps you to take professional quality photos, as well as giving you fancy editing tools to change your background or lighting. Not to mention, Portrait Mode can also blur the background as a way of highlighting your features rather than the features of the tree in the back when you are taking a selfie!

You also have lighting options like “Contour Light” that highlight certain features of your face to make you look more flattering. Landscape photos will also turn out fabulously, even if you find you have to zoom in to capture the skyline – the details and intricacies will not be lost. If you ever want to shoot a video, you could fool people into thinking it was shot by a professional! You can even shoot in 4k for some stunning visuals. Why not make your own independent movie?

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Waving Wires Goodbye

Whilst the iPhone 8 was the first to offer wireless charging, Apple have worked to improve the wireless charging speeds for the iPhone X with fancy, but admittedly costly new charging accessories like the AirPower mat. The convenience of being able to just place your phone down and have it charge automatically is worth the bulky price for some, as it saves considerably on time and frustration. Alternatively, you can also buy wired quick chargers that can get your phone to a higher charge in less time, which is particularly handy for those who don’t have very powerful batteries or those who rely on their phone and use it extensively day to day.

Raves and Reviews

If all this has got you interested in buying a refurbished iPhone X, it’s always worth knowing what trusted and knowledgeable critics thought of the handset, so that you know you aren’t buying a lacklustre device. Reception for the iPhone X was fairly positive, although some talking points proved to be divisive. Reviewers gushed about the new display and premium feel to the build of the phone, but the controversial notch on the screen divided reviewers, with some believing it wasn’t difficult to adjust to, whilst others argued it was awkward and annoying. Generally, it was accepted that Face ID was a pretty nifty feature that Apple managed to implement well, without too many bugs or issues.

Overall, the consensus was that this was certainly the best iPhone yet, and users were relieved and pleased to see Apple finally break the mould of their previous iPhones and take a risk by introducing bold and significant new features for a distinguishable phone. Some critics questioned whether the features were impressive enough to shell out the retail price of $999 or perhaps higher, depending on your whereabouts. If you can afford it, then it is definitely a brilliant phone with a lot of useful features, but if it is a little out of budget, you can always look to the iPhone 8 and 8+, which also have high specs minus a few of the iPhone X’s features. If you are someone who always wants the latest and greatest and to be ahead of the game, then the iPhone X beckons your name.

Why buy used iPhone @Nunutz?

Now, if all these new and unique features the iPhone X offers have got you excited – that is, until you see the price, then fret not, because you can still get your hand on this phenomenal phone without having to spend such an extortionate amount of money. How? Buy a refurbished iPhone X. But how can you trust that you are buying from a trustworthy company? Well, you have already found them: Nunutz!

Here at Nunutz we are a trailblazing company looking out both for the environment and for you, by selling top-quality refurbished phones to help minimize e-waste in our ecosystem, Nunutz tests all used phones to make sure they meet Apple’s Grade A standard, including fixing any issues with the phone, offering a six month warranty, and all whilst ensuring that the entire process in carbon-neutral, meaning NO extra carbon enters the atmosphere to cause more damage to Earth and those that inhabit it. The Grade A category signifies that a product is in mint condition, with no or absolutely minimal marks and scratches, which will go unnoticed by the human eye. Nunutz has two quality control teams who perform 45 checks each on your phone to ensure it does not have any defects or is lacking in any way when it arrives at your door. Some of these checks include – WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, camera, volume buttons and screen display. Usually, a used device will have a tired, sub-optimal battery that doesn’t perform to its full potential. Nunutz acknowledges this and so we replace the battery in every single one of our phones with a new one, because we know how crucial a long battery life is when it comes to enjoying your phone on a day-to-day basis.

All things considered, the iPhone X you get from Nunutz is exactly the same as the original iPhone X you might buy – it does not perform or look any worse, whilst not only being better for your bank account but for the environment too! Apple currently sells the 64 GB iPhone X for £999, with average retail prices ranging from £900 – £999. In comparison, the Nunutz 64 GB iPhone X is on the market right now for £814, meaning a saving of between 10 and 20 percent! What more could you ask for? Oh, you want more? Well, how about this:

You can be confident that all the packaging that arrives when you buy a second-hand iPhone is 100% recyclable, that the process your Nunutz phone underwent was completely carbon neutral, and that with every phone you order, we will plant a tree in your name! We are also partnered with not-for-profit, non-governmental-organizations working all around the world with the goal of more equal, more fulfilling and more sustainable lives for everyone. Nunutz also works to protect the species that play a big role in protecting people and wildlife, and that’s why we have made it our mission to plant more corals to combat the damage done to them by humans’ excess waste. Corals are essential for the survival of hundreds of thousands of species, and in coral reefs you can find treatments for some of the leading health issues found today, namely diabetes, Alzheimer’s and other heart illnesses. Not only that, but corals help reduce the flooding caused in coastal cities when they are hit by waves.

Nunutz’s main objective is to tackle the boom of e-waste that is damaging our environment and everyone who inhabits it. Whilst the technology industry has expanded rapidly, so has all the waste that came along with it – to give you an idea of the severity of the issue, only 20% of all e-waste is recycled, meaning the other 80% could potentially be damaging the Earth and contributing to global warming, bringing an end to thousands upon thousands of extraordinary species as well harming us too. Simply put, the amount of waste in our environment is spinning out of control fast, and without companies like Nunutz no one may ever stop the rot. So if you can get behind Nunutz’s cause, AND want to save yourself a significant amount of money on Apple’s latest flagship phone, then what exactly are you waiting for? Head over to our shop today, so no one can nab an eco-friendly iPhone X before you do!

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