To ensure your refurbished iPhone lasts a long time, we recondition our used iPhone thoroughly to conserve the environment in the long term. All our parts are original Apple parts and our cables are Apple certified. We recycle the old battery and replace it with a new one, we use recycled card and paper for our packaging, and we work with delivery companies who have signed up to the COP21 and who have committed to delivering in electric vehicles by 2021.


We 3 People

We love our customers and strive to give you access to the best smartphones at the lowest possible price. We ensure the continuing quality of the phone by using original and Apple certified parts.


We 3 Our Planet

We want to save you money, of course, but also conserve our planet’s resources. Manufacturing a phone has high resource costs: gold, silver, copper, platinum, iron and many other elements are used which have to be extracted from the ground. By reintroducing iPhones into circulation, something which phone companies are unable to do, we can save a significant quantity of our planet’s resources. But we go further: a proportion of our profits goes to Coral Guardian, an association which replants coral in our oceans.

Yohann / CEO - Nunutz

I love nature and the life it holds. To see it dying before my eyes during underwater dives or as a result of poachers targeting turtle eggs during my trips to Mexico has prompted me to act. Nunutz is my contribution to the planet.

Nunutz used iphones Coral-5

For 2019: € 3600     To date:  € 900

Coral farming

Corals are threatened with extinction by 2050, but are a future solution for the medical sector for some cancers or cardio-vascular conditions. They are also home to 25% of underwater flora and fauna worldwide. This is why, with the help of Coral Guardian, we are replanting coral!

Coral farming 25%

Nunutz used iphones

For 2019: 50,000 refurbished iPhone    To date0 sold iPhone

Reducing E-waste

Only 10% of smartphones are recycled. Phone companies offer new handsets to their users every 12-18 months, which increases the electronic waste produced around the world. Electronic waste has a devastating impact on soil, subterranean water and all animals, but also on humans!


Alexandre / Director of Nunutz

My childhood in the country and among nature instilled in me an early awareness of the need to conserve the environment and prompted me to study all the way up to a Masters in Environmental Management. Creating a company through which I can combine saving resources and ecology was an obvious step.


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Buy a Used iPhone X to Protect the Future whilst you Hold it in your Hand

If all the media and fan hype about the iPhone X has caught your attention, but you’re not sure if you’re ready to or even if it’s worth dishing out an awful lot of money for the phone, then worry no more! We are here to let you know what’s new and what’s cool about the iPhone X, and what’s more, with Nunutz’s Grade A refurbished iPhones, you can buy a used iPhone X at a cheaper price whilst still receiving the same product at the same quality.

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Living in a world where people replace their personal technology at a rapid pace has its benefits. Sometimes it is a defect that makes them get rid of the phone but more often than not, smartphone companies are successful in luring people into buying their latest flagship devices through cunning and glamorous marketing. They appeal to our fear of missing out to convince us to buy a new phone even when the one we’ve is getting the job done just fine.